The gaming industry’s value is expected to reach $197bn by 2022, with $152bn going to mobile gaming. Even though the gaming market is still growing, social media platforms have decided to stop their efforts in gaming, especially mobile gaming, in the past few months. TikTok, on the other hand, wants to be different. With a global gaming event and investments in mobile gaming options, the short-form video platform is making a slow but steady move into the gaming industry. TikTok recently announced its first-ever gaming event; #TikTokmademeplayit.  TikTok is where new trends start, are found, and are collected. Many people think that it has surpassed Reddit as the best place to find out about new trends, and with hashtag communities like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, who are we to argue? “TikTok Made Me Buy It” is a trend where people show off something they bought because of something they saw on TikTok. Now, a new trend is starting to show up on the platform. “TikTok Made Me Play It” is the first global gaming event on the platform. The event’s goal is to show how big gaming is on TikTok. It was made to bring together some of the most popular gaming creators on TikTok and some of the best gaming brands. “TikTok is where the future of gaming is happening now. Leading publishers are putting games on our platform that are culturally relevant and fun to play. They do this to build communities and get more people to find and play their games. Now, your job is simple: find out why TikTok is the best way for the gaming industry to grow. TikTok was explained. “TikTok Made Me Play It” will show how TikTok is now used to promote games, get people to play them, and show the key trends in the vertical. TikTok hopes that the numbers that come out of the event will change how we think about gaming content and TikTok’s role in gaming as a whole. We all know that YouTube and Twitch are the most popular social media sites for gaming content. Their systems are set up to help gaming creators do well. TikTok, on the other hand, isn’t set up for traditional gaming content, but there are big gaming figures on the platform and brands that keep investing. Gaming is one of the most important parts of online culture, and many of the best people who make platforms have ties to gaming in some way or another. During the pandemic, there was a lot of change in gaming. Many people turned to their consoles and PCs as their main way to socialise, which is now a small part of the idea behind the metaverse. How Big is gaming on TikTok?  In August, TikTok summarised key gaming content trends and user habits gathered from the app. The document was for marketers and talked about how they could use conversations to spread their messages to the people they want to reach. TikTok says, “Gamers from all over the world come to TikTok to make and watch gaming videos. More than half of the people who use TikTok watch short videos about games every day. The immersive, full-screen, sound-on short video format is perfect for sharing gameplay clips, walkthroughs, tutorials, cosplay, and other forms of game fandom. The main point? More than half of the people who use TikTok do so every day. TikTok is an app that focuses on short videos, which aren’t usually associated with gaming content. However, the data suggests that the app is ready for gaming. TikTok is making a big push into Mobile Gaming.  TikTok is about to make a big push into the gaming industry. The app plans to add its own gaming tab, which will take gaming content further than ever before. This isn’t the first time a video platform has moved into the gaming world. Last year, Netflix started a line of mobile games, which filled the void left by Snapchat and Facebook when they stopped their gaming channels. Soon, TikTok users will be able to play many mobile games, which means there will be a lot of chances for brands to advertise. The new channel could be announced very soon. With “TikTok Made Me Play It” coming up, what better time to let people know about a new service? Reuters said the company ran several tests in Vietnam earlier this year before making its gaming channel. TikTok added a new feature over the summer that lets people who make videos link to simple games that can be played in pop-up web browsers. In this space, social media sites have often run into strong opposition. Snap recently said it would stop putting money into games. Facebook has also said it will stop supporting its gaming app just two years after its release. The same thing can be said about Google. This month, the search engine decided to eliminate the cloud-based group Stadia, which was once called “the future of gaming.” Overall, the mobile gaming industry is growing again and is expected to make $128 billion in 2026. Games analysts Omdia say that the total amount spent on mobile gaming is more than that of both console and PC gaming combined. Should Youtube and Twitch be weary of TikTok?  Even though the mobile gaming market is very competitive, TikTok has a lot of room to make a name for itself. By making it easier to find games, TikTok can expand the kinds of games that can be played on the platform. Adding a new tab just for gaming is a step in the right direction for the platform to take a larger share of the gaming market currently held by YouTube and Twitch. This is because YouTube and Twitch don’t have this feature. Many people are looking forward to TikTok’s move into gaming and the results of their first global gaming event and new mobile gaming options. Even if you aren’t a brand, you should still consider signing up for TikTok Made Me Play It because there are sure to be ways to make you rethink how you do things.