Case Study

Savage X Fenty

The brand

Savage x Fenty is an inclusive lingerie brand created by Rihanna. Savage x Fenty celebrates fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity and offer aordable designs that adapt to many styles and shapes. This is an exclusive partnership offer between Xerses Management and Savage x Fenty.

The approach/Challenge

Savage x Fenty is known for releasing monthly collection styles for their lingerie products.

This campaign aimed to gather brand awareness and sales of the monthly collection releases. Savage x Fenty is a brand that focuses highly on body positivity, being in your body, confidence, and looking/feeling good. So we approached women keeping these values in mind.

We looked for influencers that we believed represented these values and were confident in being in their body and comfortable – women from different backgrounds and around the world, women we knew could share their experiences of being confident and how they got to that stage of confidence. In addition, we believed that women who were creative storytellers would be excellent for this campaign.


Raise brand awareness


Gain positive feedback from products





  • Using women that match brand’s core values 
  • Partnering with influencers on instagram feed and stories 
  • Ensuring links to lingerie product were used in stories 
  • Ensuring campaign hashtag for that season collection were noticed and used 
  • Making a big impact on collection and showing that there is a collection for everyone


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